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Your trimester-by-trimester guide to navigating macros through pregnancy & postpartum.

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Mindin' My Macros

helping women finally hit & sustain their health goals after years of nothing working.

Like many women, I’ve struggled for years trying to achieve the results I wanted, even while being active & eating ‘healthy’. It wasn’t until I started my own macro journey that I was able to step away from the fad diets & restrictive eating habits and discover the best way to fuel our bodies. Macros!

I’ve since helped thousands of women transform their health with my knowledge and coaching programs.

Hi, I'm Dani 

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition and get a professionally tailored macro count to start transforming your body to look and feel your best.

Custom Macro Plans


4 month coaching program that demystifies the science of macros and teaches you how to reach your body transformation goals the right way — without restriction, sacrifice, or even dieting.

1:1 Coaching Program


Learn everything from calculating your macros & the in's and out's of each phase to navigating intuitive eating and proper lifestyle habits to support lifelong results.

Self-Paced Courses


How I can help you reach your goals

Transform your body and become THE healthiest you've ever been WITHOUT restriction, excessive cardo or skipping your best friend's birtrhday dinner

3 Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss without Sacrificing a life well lived


macros made simple.
and tailored for you.

mindin' my macros


the reviews

- Tania

Having a healthier relationship with my mindset and the scale has been priceless. I’ve lost 10 inches and over 10lbs while feeling better in my clothing.

- Janet C.

I feel absolutely amazing after your program. A lifelong athlete and fitness instructor, I can honestly say I've never felt stronger or better about myself, and I've never been leaner.

- Katerina

Dani helped me heal my metabolism — being in a space where I am no longer fighting with, or punishing, my body — is magic."


ep 16: What Should a Calorie Deficit Look Like to Lose Body Fat?

ep 14: The Phases of Macro Tracking Explained

ep 5: 6 Strategies to Get Consistent with Your Health Journey

5 star rated podcast for busy, motivated and health-empowered women who are ready to kick old dieting mentalities to the curb and step into transformed health to look and FEEL their best, without sacrificing a life well-lived.

I dish on the top tips on all things macros, movement, mindset and everything in between. So that you have simple, and manageable takeaways from each episode to help you embody the best version of you.

Mindin My Wellness

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I take the guesswork out of starting macros with my FREE Macro Checklist, making it seamless and simple to start working towards your goals today!

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Grab your green juice & favorite notebook, I’m sharing simple, effective and manageable healthy tips and advice. Like free coaching with the 411 on all things macros.