Macros for Mama!

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Your trimester-by-trimester guide to navigating macros through pregnancy & postpartum.

In my courses, I teach you how to become your own macro coach! I break down everything you need to know to find success with macro-tracking: from the how's to the why's and everything in between. 

Macro Nutrition, Simplified.

self-paced courses

Not sure where to start with your macro tracking .. or just want to learn more? Step into my free training where I break down how to work with your metabolism to achieve fat loss, for good.

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3 Steps to Transform Your Body with Macros

Become a macro pro. Learn everything from calculating your macros & the in's and out's of each phase to navigating intuitive eating and proper lifestyle habits to support lifelong results.

Master your macros

The Macro Body Method

The straightforward step-by-step macro approach for every trimester filled with the nutrients you and your baby need.

Helping you assemble meals, maintain your milk supply, and appropriately manage your weight.

for expecting or new moms

Macros for Mama

Logging and tracking can be complicated at first, so I break it down for you! Sharing bite-sized video walk-through's for best practices and tools to hit your macros every day. Learn how to track alcohol, meals out & more!


Macro Logging & Tracking Mini Course

"You helped me heal my metabolism — being in a space where I am no longer fighting with, or punishing, my body — is magic."