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Dive into part one of this series on ways we burn calories and how to use your BMR to optimize your daily energy expenditure.

How to Use Your BMR in Shaping Your Caloric Burn Rate

Navigating Macros With a Plant-Based Diet with Samara of @nomeatmacros

Are you struggling to hit your protein targets on a plant-based diet? This episode brings you the protein-packed solutions you’ve been searching for. I am joined by Samara of @nomeatmacros on Instagram to dive into navigating protein while on a plant-based diet.

Navigating Macros With a Plant-Based Diet with Samara of @nomeatmacros

In today’s episode, we’ll explore the exact approach I’d take to reduce body fat for the summer season. We’ll delve into how nutrition periodization plays a crucial role, the importance of tuning into your biofeedback, and effective ways to gradually increase your daily movement for lasting results.

If I Wanted to Lose 10lbs By Summer, This is What I’d Do…

Is creatine the right supplement for you? While creatine is not the magic pill that it is often hyped up to be, it could very well be the supplement that elevates your performance. In this episode, we’re diving deep into everything you need to know about creatine.

Should You Be Taking Creatine?

Regulating Blood Sugar For Optimal Health with Jess of @nourishedbynutrition

We’re tackling everything blood sugar. We’ll cover the signs to watch for that indicate your blood sugar might be taking you for a ride, and delve into why keeping blood sugar levels stable is a key piece of your health puzzle. Jess will share her top tips and tricks for maintaining blood sugar balance.

Regulating Blood Sugar For Optimal Health with Jess Bippen

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